Crawl Space Protection

Crawl Space Protection

Your home is supposed to be the safest and most comfortable place for your family. It’s therefore critical that you eliminate any source of hazard or discomfort in your home before they cause significant damage.

Common Causes of Crawl Space Damage

Hard Freezes

During winter, water pipes running through the crawl space usually become more vulnerable to the elements and hard freezes. This might cause them to contract and expand, leading to possible damages in the pipes that cause flooding underneath the floorboard of the home. In such cases, there isn’t much that can be done to prevent the hard freezes, but the crawl space can be insulated to mitigate the possible damages which hard freezes might inflict on our homes.

Wet Weather

The area underneath the house doesn’t usually handle moisture quite well, since it usually doesn’t have as much ventilation. Such conditioning makes the crawl space a perfect breeding ground for rot and mold buildup. In such cases, the mold and moisture buildup in the wooden structure underneath your home may be severely compromised.

Water Bodies Dangerously Close to the Home

The presence of waterfront near your home significantly increases the possibilities of wetness and moisture underneath your home, especially in the layer of soil under your home. Since sunlight cannot induce evaporation of water enclosed in the soil underneath your home, the moisture trapped underneath the layer of soil under your home for long periods will promote pest infestation and mold buildup.

Ways to Protect the Crawl Space from Mold and Moisture

There are some measures for protecting crawl space which are not effective in certain parts of the country. However, the following measures are holistic and highly effective in preventing crawl space damage regardless of the location of the house:

A Regular Clean up the Crawl Space

Without doing this first, any other protective measure may become less effective. When you hire a professional to clean up your crawl space, you get to deal with issues such as leakages in pipes, infestation of pests and rodents, the need for proper ventilation in the crawl space, and the need for a perimeter drain to channel away water trapped underneath your home.

Installation of Water Vapor Barrier

A vapor barrier is basically a setup that prevents the buildup of moisture in the crawl space, and by extension, prevents mold buildup and the weakening of the wooden structure underneath the home due to moisture buildup.


This is usually done after the preceding steps have been implemented. There are many types of insulation, but the most popular are the fiber glass batts and the foam spray insulation, which are usually combined together to make the crawl space absolutely impermeable to moisture.