Drainage Systems

Drainage Systems

An excellent home drainage system harnesses gravity efficiently to direct the flow of drainage water away from the home. But it is much more complicated than it sounds, as a typical drainage system comes with multiple components such as the “soil stack”, the main drain, the waste stack, and vents. As such, you need to place your home’s drainage system under special attention as well as professional hands with adequate technical expertise in order to ensure that it operates in tip-top shape.

Our company can help you prevent dampened basements, wall mold and mildews, which are usually symptoms of poor drainage around the home. Poor drainage enables moisture retention in the soil around your home’s foundation, and the moisture can build up into the walls of the home. Our approach to resolving drainage issues centers around two aspects of the drainage: the structures in the drainage system, and the grading or slope of your home’s premises.

The House Sewer

We ensure that the pipe works linking the house drainage system to the public sewer or septic tank are in good shape.

Soil Stack and Pipe

We address issues concerning the lines of pipes carrying the discharge of toilets.


This part of the drainage prevents foul smells from escaping the pipes into the home. We make sure that the trap prevents the leakage of air and gas in the pipes without obstructing the flow of drainage water.

More Drainage Solutions

Venting Pipes

Our venting pipe solutions provides excellent ventilation in the drainage system and prevents trap siphonage and back pressure from causing congestion in the system.

Waste Stack and Pipe

We also address issues that have to do with pipes carrying the discharge from fittings other than the toilet.

House Drain

This is one of the most important parts of the drainage system. It is the confluence point in the lowest part of the drainage system, where all the drainage water from all drainage pipes and the soil are collected to be channeled to the sewer or public system. Our house drain models effectively harnesses gravity to channel drainage water into the sewers.


Another critical component of your home’s drainage system, gutters can forestall or cause water damages in your home, depending on their state or condition. An excellent gutter traps water that drops from the roof and redirects it away from the walls and foundation of your house. We make sure that gutters have a downward slope of 1/2 inch per 10 feet of length for optimal flow of water.

Sub-house Drain

In parts of the drainage system where gravity pull isn't strong enough to power operations, we use various techniques to ensure that waste passing through those parts are properly channeled into the waste sewage.