Foundation Repair

Foundation Repair

These days, an increasing number of homeowners are battling with issues involving water leakage and cracked foundations in the building. You shouldn’t wait until the need arises before you take the time to find the contractor to help you with foundation repair services.

We offer a wide variety of foundation repair and construction services at Top Value Construction, ranging from beautifying your house to fixing issues involving the building foundations.

You might ask, why should we even consider foundation repair services?

Benefits of Hiring a Foundation Repair Company

There are numerous advantages of hiring repair service professionals and some of them are:

1. We have the required tools, certification, experience, and training to correctly make repairs.

2. The services give you peace of mind knowing that the right equipment and skills will be used for the repair.

3. It saves you money because of the quality of work, and time because we do our job quickly and in an efficient manner.

There are extensive services offered us and we shall discuss them shortly.

Concrete Slab Foundations

Beam and Pier Foundations

As foundation restore experts, we can fix your damaged beam or pier from a concrete post to cedar and steel piers and make it more robust and resistant. We have the skills, the tool, and the manpower to carry out this activity.

Drainage Repair

Our professional services provide correction for your drainage too. Other similar services we offer include creating trenching, correct slope, waterproofing of basement and many other services meant to enhance the appearance of your home.

Correction of Lintel

Another service we offer is to preserve the aesthetics of your house by protecting the integrity of the veneer brick above the windows or garage of your home.

General Contracting

In essence, we offer general reconstruction services. These services aim to improve the appearance of the exterior and interior of your home.

Choosing the Right Foundation Restore Services

If you are not an expert, you may not know whether the foundation correction is done correctly or not. But not to worry, there are several ways by which you can avoid contractors who are not beneficial. It is in your best interest to get a job well done because your home is a significant investment for you.

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