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Foundation Inspection

Did cracks appear on the walls of your house? Do you have folded floors in any room? Have you noticed any damage to the outside color or the stature of your home? If your answer is yes to any of these questions, it is very likely that your home has suffered structural or foundation damage.

The foundation of your home, known as the nervous system of your home, is the most important part of your home and without a good foundation or support system, especially in shaky California; there is a great chance that your home will suffer some damage that will in the future be very expensive.

It's not the beauty of the house you should look at; it's the construction of the foundation that will take the test time.

In California, it is recommended to have your foundation reviewed once every 10 years or when you are buying a new home. Our licensed foundation experts will go beneath your house, photograph any damages and explain exactly the process of solving any problems.

As the most important part of your home, you must always be sure that you have someone with a lot of knowledge and experience working on your foundation. At Top Value Construction, our knowledge and integrity will keep your mind soothing while securing your most valuable asset.

We provide professional foundation repair services in Los Angeles, California to solve a number of issues, including structural damage, cast foundations, chimneys and tilted cracks in the interior walls and exterior walls. We use the best equipment and proven techniques to design a solution that protects the integrity of your home and prevents further damage.

Many foundations installed in the eighties must be replaced entirely. Serious cracks can affect the balance of your entire home. We offer a free basic foundation inspection. We will send you an authorized inspector to evaluate your foundation and determine the extent of damage and create a custom foundation repair plan.

Understanding how to build a concrete foundation will help you understand our repair methods. Our goal is to determine:
• Where the movement is occurring
• Why is there a movement
• What are the best way to fix your home and your budget?
• The costs involved in the repair of your foundation, with the planned scope of work.

And YES, sometimes we can tell the owners of the house that they do not need FOUNDATION REPAIRS! This is part of our assessment of a just and honest foundation evaluation. To alleviate the concerns of our customers, we offered you transferable warranty on concrete foundations and warranty on pier and beams foundation. Top Value Construction is licensed and secured in Los Angeles and surrounding areas.

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