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Top Value Construction is a fully licensed general contractor in Los Angeles, California that provides residential and commercial roofing and construction services in the Southern California area and surrounding communities. While roofing remains one of our core business, demand from customers and insurance companies have forced us to expand the range of services we offer.

Top Value Construction offer residential roofing services as an integral service for the company. Our staff is qualified in all areas of the "roof" because, if you need a new roof, roof repair or anything else, we will be happy to help. We take the roofing as serious as our customer service, and we handle every roofing project with the highest professionalism. Expect the best from Top Value Construction.

Top Value Construction provides many roofing and remodeling services. By working on your roof, we also work with you to make sure you know exactly the quality of craftsmanship and the services that you will receive.

Bringing you the best in:
• Steep slope roofing
• Emergency repairs
• Lower cover/flat roofing
And more...

Great Gutters for your Property: We also offer excellent channel capabilities to complete your roofing project. From clogs and holes to installation and downspouts, we can fix all your projects. The best channels come in different colors and styles to match the exterior of your property.

Certified in Commercial Roofing Systems: Top Value Construction is certified in the most popular roofing systems for flat roofs and low slopes, we are sure to have a solution for your particular needs. From complete repairs to new maintenance repairs, we have everything covered. Top Value Construction experts have been on flat roofs for more than a decade now.

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Our Roof Services

• Tapered insulation design and insulation to solve drainage issues
• Maintenance programs that designed to extend the life of your roof
• Inspection services and specifications

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